Friday, 1 December 2017

Bridal Secrets unlocked: 7 Tips to Help You Look Glam and Feel Super Comfortable on Your D-Day.

A wedding day is one of the most special occasion in a lady’s life. It’s crucial that she looks and feels comfortable to make the best of this day.
So, how exactly can you look hot while being comfortable on your D-Day? This, ladies is the billion-dollar question.
 For utter comfort and glam during this special day, the choice of your attire must be guided by the formality of your wedding, the season and your body shape among other important things.

1. The gown should flatter your best features and camouflage your problem areas.

For a dress as important as a wedding gown, comfort should always be a priority. Comfort in a gown dictates that the gown should be the right fit, appropriate silhouette that will flatter your best features and camouflage the problem areas, appropriate length, optimum weight, and quality fabric.
Whichever silhouette you favor, check your gown for practicality as you consider the activities of the day. A gown with a long tail and delicate fabric will be easy to maneuver with in a ball room set up, but not a garden wedding.
Before you settle for the dress, kindly note that the best gowns are impeccably finished and not only look, but feel as good on the inside as on the outside.

 2.  Headpiece should be well secured and suit the formality of the occasion.

Whatever headpiece you choose, it should be flattering, feel secure and complement your wedding gown and the degree of formality of the occasion. A crown of fresh flowers will be appropriate for an informal countryside ceremony and will perfectly blend with a timeless, windswept chiffon gown while a clever fascinator will blend perfectly in a ballroom setup.

3. Accessories should be subtle.

Accessories add up to the finishing touches of an outfit and a bridal gown is no exception. Ideally, less is always more when it comes to accessories. Too many accessories or loud ones may wash out the beauty of the gown and consequently weigh you down. Delicate pearls and precious stones are a bride’s favorite when it comes to accessories due to their ease and timeless elegance.

4. Hair should be ‘natural’ and well secured.

Do ensure that your hair is as ‘natural’ as possible during your wedding day and not brand new- this is not the time to experience with a new hair-cut or hair colour. You can achieve this by making any hair changes prior to your wedding day. As tempting as it may seem, a drastic hair change is high-risk and may leave you feeling uncomfortable on your wedding day.
Don’t forget to do your hair rehearsal well before the D-day. Unless your hair is short, opt for a hair-up during this day- you’ll immediately look more elegant and with just a touch of hair spray, you’ll be able to forget about your hair throughout the day.

5. Shoes should be comfy and blend with the formality of the occasion.

Your shoes should be comfortable, stylish and suit your wedding formality. Look for shoes that cut a good balance with your gown in terms of design and delicacy. High heels can be tedious when worn to a garden wedding. If your wedding is outdoors, wear chic flats that will not sink to the ground. In case you opt for heels, a back-up pair of shoes with a lower heel is essential.
To avoid the usual brand-new-shoe-pinch kind of discomfort, ensure that you wear your shoes around the home prior to the wedding day.

6. Your skin should look natural and immaculate.

Before you evaluate your make-up needs, you’ll want your complexion to look at its best. The best skin care preparation a bride can have is a consistent skin care regime well before the D-Day. This includes frequent facials, massages, cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing, drinking lots pf water, healthy diet and exercise.
For your big day, opt for subtle bridal make up if you must. Too much make-up may make you look too gaudy and out of place.

7. Undergarments should be alluring and comfortable.

Lingerie and underpinnings should be utterly sumptuous and comfortable. Sumptuous because the wedding day is followed by the wedding night, and comfortable because it will be very disheartening if the most alluring undergarment is constricting.
Don’t forget this key basic undergarments; A comfortable corset with a lux fabric and a healthy petticoat (especially if you’ll opt for a ball gown with a voluminous skirt)

There we go! The basic tips that will guarantee you effortless elegance and ease on your wedding day.
 Here is to looking like a million bucks and feeling great!

Saturday, 29 July 2017


In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks
~John Muir~

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to yet another episode of my travel memoirs. I’m so excited to share with you this beautiful hidden gem we discovered at the heart of Nyeri town in a small idyllic village called Kinunga. I love places which create extra ordinary experiences and this is one of the reasons Zaina Falls captivated me.

I loved Zaina Falls for so many reasons, most which I lack the best words to explain but what stood out for me is the opportunity to experience nature’s truest essence which I will sum up in the preceding pointers below:

Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing also known as ‘tree therapy’ or ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’ is the practice of simply being in the forest. This practice developed in Japan and has become a cornerstone of preventive health and healing in Japanese Medicine. Zaina Falls is beautifully endowed with huge tracts of land covered in flora and fauna. This is an deal environment for you to take some time to consciously breathe in the forest air-fill your lungs with pure fresh air as you let out the polluted air.
Research shows that forest air is medicinal in that it boosts our immune system functioning and reduces blood pressure- A double win for you!

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path, and leave a trail.

  Waterfall Chasing
You just have to be there to experience the magic and the magnificent beauty as the falls thunder in continuous rhythm. Sit on the huge rocks and stare at the breathtaking waterfalls as you take it all in surrounded by the beautiful landscape calming your mind, body and soul.
The free-spirited and adventurous souls get a chance to swim and play in the freezing cold water cascading from the falls. Don’t even get me started on the benefits of cold water to your skin - You know them!

"There is a waterfall in every dream. Cool and crystal clear, it falls gently on the sleeper, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul"
~Virginia Alison~

 Magnificent Scenery
Stop and savor in nature’s beauty and let the environment transfigure your mind. Delight in the beautiful landscape: the backdrop of the mountains stretching far in the horizon, and the lush green grassland. This place Is ideal for  picnicking with friends, photo-shoots, family day-trip, proposals, countryside destination wedding, romantic gateway etc..the list is endless.

Stop and smell the flowers.

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees.

 The sounds of Nature
Listening to the sounds of nature is one of the easiest ways to let off steam; Steal a chance to sit on the lush green grass and tune in to the sounds of nature . Notice the swashing of the trees, the whistle of the wind, the bubbling of the streams  and the chirping of the birds.
Getting in tune with nature opens your senses, increases the flow of eros (life force) and helps you hone your intuition by cultivating a deeper and clearer intuition.

The earth has music for those who listen
~William Shakespear~

Leisurely Walks

Zaina Falls trail offers for a manageable terrain ideal for leisurely walks. I think of walking in nature as a life-enhancing and enjoyable past time that it is; it not only  nurtures our body, but our minds and spirits too. This creative form of movement will enable you to appreciate nature in its truest essence.

Talk of Crossing the stream through make-shift bridges, climbing rocks, taking a million selfies, getting lost in the woods and playing in the waterfall. This and more, makes this nature trip extraordinary!

Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.
~Christy Ann Martine~

Worth every Moment!
Zaina Falls through our eyes was worth every moment. The restorative aspect of nature couldn't be undermined.  Nature restores a sense of serenity in our lives by increasing our bodies’ production of feel good hormones, improving our mood, increasing our energy levels, improving sleep, deepening friendships and overall increase in the sense of happiness.
Constant exposure to natural environment with a deliberate goal of indulgence will eventually transform you to a more positive and optimistic individual. 

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
~Gury Snyder~

 Stay Positive, Optimistic and Renewed. 
Won't you?

Saturday, 1 July 2017


 I’m not a skilled climber by any means though I’ve been to a couple of manageable hikes that initiated me to the trail. However, it’s important to point out my love for nature. Travelling coupled with sight-seeing and adventure happens to be one of my fave past-time activities. My love for  adventure took me to the Table mountain explore in L.Elementaita through a hiking excursion powered by Hikemaniak. The 'Table mountain' as the locals call it, is a stand-alone hill located along the scarps of the Great Rift Valley in a small portion of a forest called Majimoto.

The trek started from the main Nairobi/Nakuru highway at the L.Elementaita main gate. Truth is, I’ve not been actively exercising save for my morning and evening walks and for the take-the-stairs-instead-of-the-lift advice. I have to admit that I was a bit anxious given the fact that I didn’t know the level of difficulty of the trail. To add salt to injury, I had a bad flu and my chest was weak because of the constant coughs.

Thirty minutes down the trail and I’m panting heavily. I’m not impressed by my stamina at this point. My buddies who happen to be extremely fit are well ahead of me by now. Guy A effortlessly walks past me while acting concerned. “Everything’s okay? Hope you’re coping with the trail". He beams. ”Good, Good," I quickly respond , but my panting betrays me. I trudge on, acting okay to save face. I manage to cover some few kilometres in an effort to keep pace. At this point, I feel my backpack getting heavier. It's not funny carrying some three litres of water plus some other luggage uphill. I trudge on faithfully. This is the point that I was  literally giving myself a  pep talk like "Becky, don't let me down!"

After some few meters walk uphill, I find some two other ladies resting. I join them and accompany them for the better part of the walk up hill having realised that we have similar stamina and pace. Lady A offers me some energy bar and Lady B offer me some glucose powder which she advised should be mixed with water and taken constantly in small portions as we walk. I follow her advice. Surprisingly, it works wonders!(Thanks ladies for helping a girl out).

Within no time, my energy is fully renewed and I eventually catch up with my other friends at the next stop. I'm with these fit ladies. I'll call them Subaru team B- Nesh, Wangui and Mary. Despite munching on the energy bars, I'm still struggling to maintain their pace. Nesh thinks the trail is manageable. Wangui asserts that Mutarakwa was way challenging than this. Mary remains silent but looking at her body language, she seems okay.

The trail proceeds to make a gentle slope which leads us to an expansive field and we push onward as we head towards the table mountain. I take advantage of the flat expansive grassy terrain walk to catch my breath. By the time we've approached the steep sledge up the 'Table mountain', I feel rejuvenated. We give it a go. The sledge up is a steep ascent  scattered with huge boulders of rocks. The sharp ascent is so dangerous and one miscalculation could cost you your life. I can still feel the nervousness climbing up the hill.

We conquer the trail and we're awarded with a breath taking view of the beautiful landscape of the Great Rift Valley including, the Lake Elementaita, Sleeping warrior, and the Aberdares among other stunning features.
To celebrate our triumph, we feast on our packed lunch. Satisfied, full and happy, I fall asleep high up in the blue skies.

For those who made it to the Table Hill, there is only one entry point which also serves as the exit, if you miss the exit you are trapped on top just like the maze game.Surprisingly, we were not aware of this crucial fact on our way up. This new revelation is unexpected considering we were not mentally prepared to tackle the steep sledge downhill. The way down is extremely precarious - we're literally crawling down the huge boulders of rocks while supporting ourselves with our hands and feet. We conquer the steep sledge and we're down at the foot of the table- safe, sound and pumped up!

Done with the hill, the  trek then  takes us through a gentle drop through Maji moto forest beat to a splendid hot springs that supplies water to the neighbouring communities. At this point, we get an opportunity to soak our feet in the  hot stream that has a healing effect on the skin. The soak is well-needed at this juncture given our weary feet. 

From the Maji moto springs, we trek down the village path. We can spot residential houses and small shopping centres as we trek towards the exit.  The afternoon sun is slowly setting. The walkways at the heart of the village look epic. The air is fresh and clean, birds are chirping and we can spot donkeys walking towards the stream. Children are playing in far off fields while some are herding cattle. The villagers stop to wave at us as we pass by.The ambience and idyllic scenery of the countryside is beyond breathtaking. How I wish I could be able to bottle up the aura of the countryside and bring it home with me.

Eight hrs, Thirty nine minutes, and two seconds later, we finish our adrenaline-filled trek.
If I could describe this trek in three words, it would be Fun. Connection and Adventure!

We take a couple of  celebratory pics and selfies  before we stretch out and  board our tour bus back to Nairobi.

I can't end this write up without appreciating everyone who made this  hike successful.
Special thanks to:
Gitonga Wandai, Team leader of Hikemaniak
Lewis Maina, the photographer.
Team F6  and the whole hikemaniak family!

You rock people!

Let's do this again because, Once is not enough!

Monday, 1 August 2016


Talking about roads, it's important to start by saying that I do love road trips. I love travelling to new cities and to places I've never been to. I love adventures, explorations and new discoveries, though I  don't get the chance to travel as often. However, this post is not about roads in the literal sense but that road we choose to travel on, that lead us right into our purpose, our calling and ministry. I call it "The road less traveled."

Passion vs Profession
To be real honest, my journey(for lack of a better word) has been one of its kind. Growing up, I knew I was supposed to write but I didn't have the courage to answer the call then. You see, I'm an accountant by training, an entrepreneur by passion and writing is my ministry; my highest calling.  After trying to juggle all these three for a couple of years to no avail, it reached a point in my life where I had to choose between the two: Profession vs Passion. I had to choose between a proven track record and the unknown. I had to choose between circumstance and creative choice. I had to choose between a regular paycheck and uncertainty. I had to choose between the road often taken and the road less traveled. I chose the latter. I chose passion because it's not about how many people approve my choice, but how much joy I receive from my decision. I chose passion because it's not how grand I can be compared to others but how deep I can grow into the person I long to be, to fulfill my inspirations, to share my ministry with the world  by impacting on people and leaving a legacy. I chose passion because it's what gives me peace, a calm heart and a refreshed mind. I chose passion because that's what wakes me in the morning. I chose passion because I had an unquenchable thirst deep down in my soul that couldn't be filled with anything other than love. 

Let's get this straight
I  met an ex-classmate a few months ago in a local coffee shop and after exchanging a few pleasantries, she asked me; "Did you get yourself a job or are you still writing?" You know, many people don't understand this, so let's get this straight; writing is not only a job, but a calling, a love affair, a work of art, it's that confidant, that imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon, while speaking(or it it writing?) your mind out. 

This is what I think:
The world needs doctors and accountants and engineers and pilots, but it also needs musicians, writers, footballers, poets, programmers, actors, farmers, athletes and photographers. Your ministry should  not only be a job, but a calling, and your heart and soul should be your number one employer.
We need writers to write great books so we can feed our souls. We need musicians to sing great songs that will entertain us and lift our spirits.  We need artists to stimulate our inner dormant passions. We need photographers to capture our special moments. The world needs you and me. Our ministry however unusual, counts!

It's not an easy road
In writing this, my hopes are that you realize that it's not an easy road but it's worth every step.You'll face more resistance than acceptance along the way. They'll chuckle at your ambition and passion. They'll tell you that passion doesn't pay, I'll tell you that the love for your calling will sustain you and eventually reward you. If you're endowed with hands, legs, a voice and mind that can venture into creative places, reach forth-that's your highest calling. In the end, they won't call you mad, they'll call you Authentic!

It's worth it! It's bliss! It's fulfilling!
As I'm writing this, it has not escaped my attention that I'm living my purpose. Dawn is breaking and the sun rays are streaming through my window as I write. The house is hushed and songs of praise and worship are playing in the background. The day looks promising! I feel renewed and at peace. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm enjoying every bit of the journey.

Searching deep within.
If you feel empty, no amount of water poured from the outside can feel your well. It has to come from within, from our underground springs and streams, and it's only passion that can pump our inner waters that can fill our souls to overflow.

Take a walk down the road less traveled.
Today, consider taking a leap of faith towards your authentic calling and aamh..thank me later! If you feel the need to throw a gift my way, Just a hint; I love books, flowers and road trips (A five day trip to the Mara isn't a bad idea-hint hint)
Stay authentic, or better still BE AUTHENTIC!
Won't you?

Sincerely Beccah

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


"Once I quit my job, I'll spend more time with my family."
"When I get married, I'll be happy."
"I'm waiting to make enough money."
"Once my wife turns thirty, I'll surprise her with her favorite dress."
"Once I complete this course, I'll spend more time with my friends."
"Come the end of July, when I graduate, I'll concentrate more on my passion."
"Once I retire, I will travel the world."

But  you're still employed, or single or studying. We are here! It's happening! It's real!

As of now, you can still carve out time from your busy schedule to spend with your family.
As of now, you can choose to be happy in your single-hood.
As of now, you can purpose to set aside fifteen minutes everyday to hone your passions.
As of now, you can set aside time in your downtime to travel the world

There is no someday, you know, there is only right now!
We need to focus our energy on improving the quality of the present reality instead of projecting all those improvements into the realm of someday.

Enough countdowns to Fridays and  D-days.
Enough hoping for the next semester, next chapter and next month.
Enough sitting tight for your soul mate while rehearsing all your lines.
Enough waiting for a massive turn around when your small daily inputs count for the ultimate change.

The present is here and it's all we've got. Enjoy the warmth of the sun while you still can. Enjoy the smile of your loved ones. Enjoy the downpour while it rains. Enjoy all the seasons of your life; For in teenage hood, you'll miss your childhood years of chasing after butterflies. In your twenties, you'll miss your teenage years of playing in the rain. In your forties, you'l miss your youthful zest and vigor. In your old age, you'll miss your years of parenting and raising a family.
May we live, love, laugh and learn, the moment! For in the years to come, all this will be a fragment of our memory.

So let us choose the present over distance potential in our minds.
Let us find joy in the now, not in the future unseen, and unrealized moments.
Let us love in the moment, not in the months up and coming.
Let us celebrate today's small feats instead of waiting for next years grand victories.
Today, let's put all our energy in the now and not in the future blurred illusions.

It's not enough to create a future of joy when your present is the opposite. What's holding back your joy at the moment? What assurance do you have that once you get what you want that your joy will be full?
Truth is, projecting too much what we want in our future will hurt the enjoyment of our present.
Let's stop all the rushing and chasing and ask ourselves; How can we experience, joy, fulfillment and total bliss in the moment?

For now, the moment is what really counts. Cheers to living, laughing, learning, loving and enjoying every bit the present moment has to offer!

Friday, 15 July 2016


Mount Kilimambogo, as I know it  now, is not only a sight seeing spot but a fitness center. Reason being, there are not only panoramic sights and views along the way, but the terrain has also something to offer. Mt. Kilimambogo, which is situated at Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is like a  moody lover who inspires emotional highs and lows. One minute it fills you with a rush of passion, the next you're full of furry.

We started our climb at around 1100hrs. As I chugged along, I couldn't hide my excitement. Clearly, I was all stoked up for the walk. The walk seemed to conjure up memories of the Matter Heart Run walks that I occasionally participate in; fun, pomp and adventure, while still supporting a noble cause. This walk was similar to it in a way; fun, adventure and most importantly, exercise while still at it(so I thought). However, I had no inkling whatsoever of the trail that was before us.

We weaved our way up the dusty murram road before we came to a steep, meandering ascent uphill which had rocky stones scattered in an ascending manner. The walk up was steep, strenuous and windy but manageable given the fact that our strength was still intact. In a span of about twenty minutes, the place had already shown me its beauty before treating me to it's tougher side.

We successfully surmounted the first climb and landed meticulously on the dusty murram road, just like skilled mountaineers-armed with our backpacks and water bottles. I felt so relieved to have conquered the first steep. We trudged on...our steps steady as ever!

Unbeknownst to me, the trek was only beginning. We had barely covered a kilometer and the total distance to the summit was approximately 12.6 kilometer uphill. For starters, I was not so keen on the distance covered. In fact, it didn't occur to me that it will be a rather tasking or challenging walk. I was expecting a leisurely kind of walk.

It was when I tackled the second sloppy terrain that I started taking note of the distance covered! A guard on standby assured us that we were not far off from the summit. In hindsight, his assurance was a tad bit true but it was well needed in that situation.

The trail was flanked on either side by indigenous trees and rocks. We stopped occasionally to soak in on the view below. As we snaked up hill, our loud banter was slowly replaced with heavy gasping. Our legs became heavier with each preceding step. After the second hour of climbing up the slope, I was really starting to feel like a dawdler. Other groups, in the spirit of team building waxed past me at an impressive speed. Their motivation somehow lifted our spirits, and we lumbered along at our slow speed and the road finally led us uphill to an expansive picnic ground.

It felt quite fulfilling to finally reach the summit. My excitement was however short-lived when I discovered there was no view point from the peak. Like seriously? We arranged our picnic baskets and had lunch amidst banter and conversation of the adventurous climb.

Fast forward to our descent down hill. Sweaters were tied nonchalantly round our waists and woebegone expressions were written all over our faces. My legs were quivering like twigs about to snap and our dust tinted canvas dragged on the road as we lumbered along the terrain. The terrain had literally sapped up my energy.We passed up a group of tourists taking photos and enjoying the scenery. Perhaps they had come to soak up a vestige of the bygone buffaloes that once inhabited the forest, or perhaps they'd just come to walk, like us. We stopped for some few minutes to enjoy the scenery before we continued.

Luckily, the walk downhill was not as challenging as uphill, We were at the foot of the mountain in record time, albeit the last ones. Truth is, I'm not as fit as my physique may suggest. More so, for a person who's never been to any strenuous hike, or even Ngong Hills, I gathered that I performed fairly well.

If I were to pick up one word to sum up my experience at Kilimambogo it'd be adventure. Every moment was vividly and intensely felt, albeit painfully. Thanks to the terrain, it earned me a bonus rest day and a remarkable life lesson; As we journey on with life, sometimes we have the urge and thoughts of giving up but we always have to set our eyes on the price. Giving up is not an option- Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up!

This tour re-ignited my wanderlust sate in so many different levels; Here's to more adventures in future. That's what life is all about, isn't it? Seizing new opportunities, doing things you won't normally do, being open to the accidental and surmounting obstacles.

        Photography; Courtesy of Joseph Mwai(Ediagrams Photography)
Thanks Joseph for capturing those moments. I guess they're called moments because they don't last very long!

Sincerely Beccah

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


"Do what you love. Love what you do. Do it for love. Do it with Love. Whatever you do, always start with Love."

Here, in five sentences is a profound psalm of life; the blue print to finding your purpose in life. Written more than a hundred years ago(I suppose), this wisdom is as relevant today as when it was penned. This is one of the  mantras that I live by. After pondering over the above lines one Sunday afternoon, I began to realize how important it is to be always guided by love. I came to understand and appreciate the fact that, our words and deeds are of no purpose unless they're out of love. The love we have towards our work, passions, talents and gifts not only illumines our life, but the lives of others around us, whether directly or indirectly.

That said, it's important to reflect upon those particular things we love doing because there in, lies our passion, which ultimately leads us right to our purpose. Finding your passion is about finding your authentic self; those things that light you up from the inside, those things that are closest to your heart, those things that bring out the best in you. In finding them, be what no one else can be. Go big! Go hard! Go all the way in! Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all, be passionate about it.
I believe there's nothing as fulfilling, purposeful and liberating as doing those things that we are passionate about.

A huge part of loving your passion is by giving it the respect it deserves. By respect, I mean giving it the required time and effort.We must  endeavor to carve  time out of our busy schedules to ignite our passions. It could be a routine you can practice, a chapter you can read, an article you can write, a recipe you can try, a kilometer you can run. You name it! Consistency is key!
Once you start pouring your energy into your passion, you'll most definitely be on your way to living your purpose.

 A story is told by the Chinese sage Chuang-Tzu of a man who forged swords for a maharaja. Despite his old age, his work was always carried out with exceptional precision and skill. One day, the maharaja asked the old man, "Is this your natural talent or is there a special technique that you use to create your remarkable results?" "It is concentration on the essentials." replied the sword- crafter. "I took to forging swords when I was twenty one years old, I did not care about anything else. If it was not a sword, I did not look at it or pay attention to it. Forging swords became my passion and my purpose. I took all the energy that I did not give in other directions and put it in the direction of my art. This is the secret to my mastery"

This story is so simple yet profound. May we always remember that talent and hard work are not synonymous but are conjoined.  May we always remember to put in the hours to ignite our passions and to spread love through out the world with our God-given gifts and talents.

Stay passionate. Won't you?

Sincerely Beccah.